Pregnancy yoga classes with Annette

5th February 2021

Pregnancy and childbirth can present the greatest challenges in a person’s life. It is a unique and wonderous time, but it can, of course, also be a scary time, as you see your body change and you prepare to welcome a new life into the world. Yoga can provide the expectant parent with tools to increase their confidence and encourage emotional stability

In 2020, I completed my 80 hour Prenatal Pregnancy Yoga Teacher certification – a very comprehensive course, covering asanas and breathing techniques, anatomy and philosophy.

There are so many benefits to pregnancy yoga for the pregnant person – promotion of general health, management of conditions linked to pregnancy, increased energy and body strength, adaptive alignment – Body / Mind balance, to name a few. In fact, I have included many of the Pregnancy Yoga techniques into my classes for non-pregnant students – a particular favourite of mine are the pelvic floor strengthening exercises – as my students will attest to!

Yoga can open up constricted areas of the body and mind – and as tension is released through our practice, and there is a deeper body and mind awareness, the body relaxes and the mind becomes calmer.

For me, and especially during pregnancy, yoga is not about getting poses perfect – it is about being sensitive to your own body and quiet enough to hear your inner voice. To understand that as your pregnancy progresses, your body is changing and your yoga practice and needs may change too. And to know that that is absolutely fine.

To understand more about the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy yoga you can have a read of Marie’s blog on the topic.

Pregnancy yoga classes in Rickmansworth and via Zoom

Once lockdown finishes I should be able to run pregnancy yoga classes at St Peter’s Church in Rickmansworth. During these challenging lockdown times, I can understand that pregnant students may be concerned about not being able to have live classes. However, my course was done on-line, and I have taught a number of pregnancy yoga sessions using Zoom –I am totally confident that I can provide a safe, stable and comfortable environment where students, regardless of previous experience and physical capabilities can discover how yoga can benefit both the parent-to-be and the baby growing in the womb.

The Pregnancy Yoga sessions I would like to offer are for students in their 2nd and 3rd trimester – from 14 weeks onwards. As the aim of Pregnancy Yoga is to Maintain and Stabilise – rather than, as in a regular yoga class, Progress I plan to offer 75 to 90 minute classes, to allow plenty of time for breath work and Savasana.

So let me know via our Contact form if you are interested in classes.

Om Shanti