Free Yoga Business Training Module 2: Creating a Website

Options for creating a website

This module looks at the options for creating a website, getting your domain name (and social media handles) right.

Marie takes us on a guided tour around the back end of her yoga business website and talks through the decisions she took in creating the structure and content.

We include ideas for how to source good free photographs if you don’t have your own as well as free graphic design tools to help your promotions look professional. Following our size specifications for optimum resolution on different social media platforms will mean that your photographs and graphics are not inappropriately cropped.

Marie also shares ideas for building a mailing list and again a behind-the-scenes look at the software she uses to create stunning emails and newsletters.


About Marie and why this course is free

This course was developed by yoga teacher and entrepreneur Marie Page (that’s me) for the Digiterati Academy. I decided to make the course available free-of-charge on my website and via YouTube as I was appalled at how much fellow yoga teacher friends of mine, struggling with a loss of business due to the pandemic, were being charged by other “Business of Yoga” trainers. So as you go through the course and hear me refer to other Digiterati Academy courses you will find them at this link You are welcome to sign up and explore any of them free for 7 days.

I came to yoga teaching fairly late in life but rapidly grew a local teaching business thanks to a previous career in marketing. I’ve been able to apply all the local and online marketing skills I’ve learned over the years to a local teaching business. And I’m keen to share those skills with others. Hence why this course was created.