Prairie Gardens Yoga Workshop

Yoga Workshops at Sussex Prairie Gardens Henfield

Yoga at Sussex Prairie Gardens on 9th and 23th June 2024

Enjoy a yoga workshop in the beautiful surroundings of Sussex Prairie Gardens in Henfield. Date options Sundays 9th and 23th June.

An accessible and friendly 2.5 hour class designed to explore mobilisation, stretching, strength, balance and breathwork amidst the expansive and calming Prairie Gardens.

The Gardens are closed to the public during the class so you will be in a private outdoor space with the other workshop participants. You are also welcome to bring a picnic and enjoy the gardens after the workshop or alternately stay for coffee and cake in the Garden cafe. Do bring water with you and wear sun screen.

The workshop will cover:

  • Gentle mobilisation exercises to warm up and release joints and muscles
  • Hatha based postures with a focus on optimal alignment for you rather than how deep we can go in the posture
  • Options for differentiation for when a full posture isn’t possible (eg arthritic wrists or sore knees)
  • Postures for strength and flexibility
  • Postures to work, stretch, soften and strengthen different body parts and improve your posture
  • Simple balances
  • Standing, seated and lying postures
  • Using props (blocks, straps) for comfort, alignment and to fully access a posture
  • Exploration of different breathing and pranayama techniques
  • Deep relaxation time

What to expect

  • We will begin with some simple breathwork exercises to help relax and ground us
  • Some gentle seated, kneeling and standing warm-up movements will help prepare the muscles and joints for safe stretching
  • We will then progress through a series of Hatha yoga style postures standing, seated, supine and prone
  • The postures will incorporate asanas for balance, flexibility, mobility and strength – options will be given for different levels of experience and ability
  • The physical practice will be interspersed with specific breathwork exercises to energise or calm
  • We will finish with mindfulness and meditation as well as deep relaxation
  • There will be a comfort break at the mid point of the class

Costs and booking

The cost for the 2.5 hour workshop is £35. Book your place using the booking app here.

What to bring

Wear clothing appropriate to the weather including layers if cooler (the yoga will be warming though). A hat may be helpful if sunny. Wear sunscreen and bring a water bottle (water will be available). Please bring a yoga mat and, if you have them, blocks, bricks and straps – I like using props in class. I will have spares but please email me if you need to borrow a mat as I want to ensure there are enough for everyone.

Who is the workshop suitable for?

Whilst people who already do yoga will enjoy the class (and probably learn a few new things), the workshop is also beginner friendly with adaptations for people with issues with backs, knees, wrists, shoulders, balance and more. No scary pretzel shapes and you always have an option to relax if you prefer not to do a pose. Designed for all ages, body types and abilities. For reassurance check out the Google reviews of my classes here.

What happens if it is raining?

In the case of rain the workshop will be rescheduled and/or refunds offered.