Yoga for Beginners and Improvers

Yoga classes for everyone

My classes are designed to be fully accessible to people who have never done yoga before. They are non intimidating for the newbie and a warm welcome is given by others in the class. The atmosphere is friendly and sociable without any competitive cliques.

Classes are for adults of any age – I’ve taught teenagers through to retired people. Yoga can benefit us at any stage of our life.

If you have already done yoga before you are still very welcome to the class. I teach Hatha style yoga including many of the postures you are likely already familiar with. I like to include some twists and variations on the classic asanas and aspects of my teaching are influenced by styles such as Iyengar and Scaravelli yoga approaches.

You’ll find that no two classes are the same and whilst the postures will become more familiar I like to keep classes fresh with different sequences and a different focus each week.

Whilst accessible for beginners I also include a few more challenging postures but always with variations. This gives beginners an idea of where they may progress to as well as providing something stimulating for the more advanced practitioner.

Medical and health challenges

Most people carry some kind of injury or physical challenge. Yoga is still for you and postures can always be adapted to avoid aggravating any physical problems.

Typical issues that people have include bad backs, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, sore wrists, arthritic knees and hips, recovery from breaks and twists, heart problems and many other challenges such as limited movement or reduced strength.

Don’t let poor health prevent you from enjoying the benefits of yoga.

I myself have all manner of issues with my spine – multiple bulging discs and quite significant degeneration. Yoga has released me from a world of pain and has given me far more movement and flexibility than any other treatment was able to. I often include exercises from the McKenzie Method for back pain in my classes.

If you have a particular injury it is very helpful to let me know a few days before coming to class. Like that I can plan to adapt the class accordingly. I may even plan a class to address a particular issue.