About Yoga Classes

Class Schedule

Weekly Classes

  • Mondays 6pm Gentle Yoga – Corpus Christi Catholic Church Hall, Tan Yard, Henfield BN5 9PE
  • Thursdays 6-7pm – Corpus Christi Catholic Church Hall
  • Wednesdays 10-11.15am – Tottington Manor, Henfield BN5 9LJ
  • Occasional Breathwork & Mindfulness classes – please get in touch to register your interest

Book classes here


There is an option to pay as you go as well as discounted payments for booking consecutive weeks.

Booking a yoga class

Bookings are made using a booking app called Booking Hawk. This means that any credit card payments are secure (done via Stripe) and gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to rescheduling a class if you can’t make it.

Head over to Booking Hawk to see the schedule and to book into a class.

Please also complete the Student Info Sheet here to let us know of any health issues.

What to bring and wear to a class

Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes such as leggings or sweat pants and a t-shirt.

You are welcome to bring your own mat, bricks, blocks and a yoga strap but if you don’t have any of those don’t worry as we have plenty of spares.

You may also like to bring some water with you.