Runners Workshop Free Resources


Below are all the free resources that Shaun Bigg and myself have prepared for participants at our Runners Workshops.

The handouts are designed to be used in conjunction with the videos below.

Yoga for Runners – This is an illustrated guide with instructions for multiple yoga postures suitable for runners.

Mobility based warm-ups for runners

Static cool downs for runners

Strength workouts for runners

If you are interested in further running specific advice, content and coaching have a look at Shaun’s own website

Video Warm-ups

Here is a 37 minute set of runner-focussed warm-ups taught by both Shaun Bigg and Marie Page. Choose which postures work for you and integrated them into your regular war-up routine.

Video Cool Downs

These are Shaun’s static cool downs for runners

Video Yoga for Runners

Here are Marie’s yoga-based cool downs for runners. This 23 minute video also works as a mini yoga stretch class in it’s own right