One Day Yoga Workshop

Half Day Yoga Workshop Tottington Manor, Henfield 26 November

A gentle and friendly 3-hour class designed to focus on basic yoga postures and simple breathwork.

The class will cover:

  • Introduction to yoga – what to expect in a class
  • Explore some basic postures to understand what we are trying for in terms of optimal alignment
  • Options for differentiation for when a full posture isn’t possible
  • Postures for strength and flexibility
  • Postures to work, stretch, soften and strengthen different body parts and improve your posture
  • Simple balances
  • Standing, seated and lying postures
  • Using props (blocks, straps) for comfort, alignment and to fully access a posture
  • Introduction to different breathing and pranayama techniques
  • Deep relaxation time
  • Plenty of time for Q&A


Who is it for? How much is it?

Suitable for beginners (or improvers who which to go over the foundations). Suitable for all ages and body types.

A great introduction if you are planning on attending regular yoga classes. Handouts will be emailed before the class (which you can print out if you want to annotate notes).

This class can be purchased as a one-off and is open to everyone regardless of your experience or if you usually take yoga classes with Marie.

The class is £25 but if you have a monthly subscription please ask for a £10 off coupon code before you book.

Book Your Place

Numbers are limited due to the size of the room we are using so please do book now to avoid disappointment.

Book using the booking app.

What to bring with you

Please bring a yoga mat (I have spares if you need one), water bottle. We would also suggest the following:

  • A blanket or large towel
  • Yoga blocks or bricks
  • A bolster, pillow or cushion (for the breathwork and restorative times).


About Marie

Marie Page is not your average yoga teacher! She was not sporty or bendy at school and has spent way too many hours hunched over a computer in a desk job since then. She is far from the thin, bendy yoga teacher stereotype. Over 10 years ago she was diagnosed with a chronic back condition and told she would have to live with permanent pain. Through yoga she has been able to transform her condition and now lives without pain thanks to a regular yoga practice. Her desire as a teacher is to work with people that don’t consider themselves very bendy or fit so that they too can embrace the many benefits of yoga.