Yoga Workshops

Beginners Yoga Workshops

We run occasional workshops designed for complete beginners and those fairly new or returning to yoga who want to cover the basics.

Workshops are suitable for all ages and body types as a friendly and gentle introduction to yoga.

Perfect if you’ve not yet come to a class or have been to a few classes and want a bit more information.

If there is a Beginners Workshop currently scheduled you’ll see it listed here in the booking app.

Other specialist workshops are listed here in the booking app.

Workshops are held at Rickmansworth Tennis Club on Sunday mornings.

Please get in touch if you’d like to be on the waiting list for the next workshop.

What to expect in a Beginners Yoga Workshop

Workshops last for two hours and cover:

  • Introduction to yoga – what to expect in a class
  • Exploration of some basic postures to understand what we are trying for in terms of optimal alignment
  • Options for differentiation for when a full posture isn’t possible
  • Postures for strength and flexibility
  • Postures to work, stretch, soften and strengthen different body parts and improve your posture
  • Simple balances
  • Standing, seated and lying postures
  • Using props (blocks, straps) for comfort and better alignment
  • Introduction to different breathing techniques
  • Deep relaxation time
  • Plenty of time for Q&A

Book into the Next Workshop

The next Beginners Yoga Workshop is on Sunday 15 March from 10-12.

The next specialist workshop is a Wrist and Shoulder-Friendly Yoga Workshop taught by Marie Page and Annette Henn on Sunday 26 April from 2-4pm.

Venue is Rickmansworth Tennis Club, Meadow Way, Rickmansworth WD3 7NG

Plenty of free parking.

Mats and props provided (unless you would like to bring your own)

A limited number of tickets are still available in the booking app.

Wrist and Shoulder-Friendly Yoga Workshop

A 2-hour workshop exploring how to do yoga safely without injuring wrists or shoulders.

Date: 26 April 2020 2-4pm at Rickmansworth Tennis Club – book here.


  • Warm-ups for wrist and shoulder mobility
  • A creative 1-hour Vinyasa Flow practice to be enjoyed without wrist or shoulder strain
  • Session on how to do common yoga postures safely and with adaptations to accommodation injury
  • Yoga Nidra deep relaxation

Open to anyone with or without wrist or shoulder pain

Taught by Annette Henn and Marie Page

Annette has been practicing yoga for over 45 years. She particularly enjoys tailoring the practice to the requirements and abilities of her class.  In the workshop she will demonstrate how to maintain a full yoga practice while keeping the wrists and shoulders happy!

Marie ended up with shoulder surgery following an over enthusiastic Pilates class. In the workshop she will share her journey to full mobility without pain or impingement. A student she has been working with in regular classes this year has seen rapid improvement to a frozen shoulder thanks to regular yoga and adapted postures.