Back to Basics

5th March 2020

The last few weeks have seen us exploring a number of different themes in the yoga classes: balances, twists, power and more.

This week I start a new class in Maple Cross so wanted to create a lesson plan that would function both as an introduction to yoga for beginners but would also work to remind all my improver students about some foundational postures.

So this week we are going back to basics. See the examples from the lesson plan below for the Warrior series, Goddess, some forward bends and a couple of classic balances.


You can download the full lesson plan here and see a visual guide to the lesson I have planned to teach. Inevitably each class is a little different both so that there is some variety for those who come to multiple classes a week but also so that I can differentiate based on who turns up on which day.

Don’t be concerned if you think some of these postures might be too much for you. There are always alternatives available – I even use some of them myself rather than the full expression of the posture at times.

In terms of muscles groups, this lesson works the whole body pretty well with particular emphasis on the lower back. You can see the focus in terms of body positions and types of pose here:

stats for yoga class


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