The benefits of deep tissue massage for your regular yoga practice

11th December 2021

A good massage is the perfect compliment to your yoga practice and like yoga, massage releases mood and health enhancing chemicals.

Benefits of massage

The movements of deep tissue massage will stimulate the flow of fresh blood, help deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells and eliminate metabolic waste. And just like your yoga practice and breathwork, massage supports the body to detox, increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid and boosting the immune system.

The different techniques used in deep tissue massage on muscles, connective tissue and joints all help to increase your range of movement and realign, allowing for deeper stretches and easier movement. It decreases knots and trigger points that restrict movement allowing for more movement and smoother transitions. Your pain free, looser body will work better.

How I have used massage as a yoga teacher

As someone that has had a chronic back condition for many years I have found the combination of a regular yoga practice and deep tissue massage so helpful. Whilst yoga helps you stretch more for sure, it won’t iron out all the kinks. I’ve found that massage helps me feel more comfortable in even simple postures, and without it I would never have the flexibility to get to my elbows in a posture like Lizard (Utthan Pristhasana).

Massage for me is the equivalent of having my car serviced (albeit on a somewhat more frequent basis). The movements soothe muscles I’ve used a lot (particularly apparent when I’ve done a lot of strength-based work such as side planks and sun salutations). It also helps keep me from injury.

Local recommendation for a yoga therapist

If you are local to Henfield and would like a recommendation of a massage therapist that really understands the body and what we put it through with yoga and other sports then I would suggest talking to Melissa Stepney and Katie Novis. You can see more of Katie on Instagram and contact her by phone or WhatsApp on 07801 268667.