Coronavirus precautions in class

11th March 2020

[Updated 12 March 2020]
I felt it might be a good idea to make a statement about how I am responding to the Coronavirus risk in classes. I have no intention of cancelling classes unless government advice changes but want to ensure that all my students feel safe and are happy to continue coming to class.
As a teacher I will be washing my hands with soap and water before and after each class (and trying not to touch my face inbetween). In line with advice from the British Wheel of Yoga (and to protect you) for the current time I will no longer be providing blocks, bricks, mats or straps in class. Please bring your own with you if you can.
While there is a risk I will stop doing hands-on adjustments. This isn’t because I am particularly worried about infection for me but I am aware that some of my students are perhaps more vulnerable and may prefer not to be touched during this season.
Students are asked to ensure that they have washed their hands or used hand sanitiser prior to the class (antiseptic soap and hot water available in the toilet).
I would also ask that if you are feeling unwell or have recently travelled to one of the problem areas such as Italy that you don’t come to class – please just follow the guidance that the government has given.
It is my hope that none of us is affected. Such a shame that panic buying and fear is rampant. Be safe and well everyone. And continue to enjoy your yoga!