New Classes for 2021: Face Yoga

3rd January 2021

There are 57 muscles in our face, head and neck that need to be exercised just like the muscles in our bodies. As they become stronger through exercise, they can lift and firm – reducing lines and wrinkles. Of course to get the best results we need to ensure we drink lots of water, eat healthily, sleep well – and maybe use regular yoga to help reduce stress.

This is not so much about anti-aging – we all age, it is a natural process – but about being the best version of ourselves, and feeling good in our skin!

During lockdown, after the regular zoom and live Facebook class, Annette will be providing 5-10 minutes of a combination of face yoga, face massage and face relaxation. This will be on Zoom to allow interaction. There will 14 lessons in total to give you the tools for getting into a regular routine – obviously the more regularly you do these, the better the results!

If you would like to participate you will need to book onto the regular classes to get the Zoom link. The face yoga will take place for approximately 10 – 15 minutes after the regular session and will only be for Zoom (rather than Facebook Live) participants. Hope you can give it a go!

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