Half Sun Salutation

18th February 2020

Ardha Surya Namaskar

My half sun salutation is always popular in classes. Because it omits the runners lunge and plank it isn’t as aerobically or physically challenging so makes for both a gentle warm-up as well as a therapeutic sequence where we can really concentrate on the in and out breaths.

Here it is.

  • Stand tall in mountain pose. Slightly lengthen the tailbone. Roll the shoulders blades up and back.
  • Inhale: arms circle up and reach up towards the sky hands to prayer
  • Exhale: forward fold – I like to circle the arms back down
  • Inhale: half way lift to table top with a flat back, eyes up and hands to shins
  • Exhale: forward fold palms to floor
  • Inhale arms wide and upwards into a back bend with hands to prayer
  • Exhale hands down to heart centre and prayer

It’s a great sequence to do first thing in the morning – hence the name Sun Salutation.

Image from Tummee.com which is the app I use for lesson planning.