Runners Workshop


Runners* Workshop

How to  improve performance and reduce injury risk

A half day workshop combining physical mobility theory and practical exercises for improved movement, strength and flexibility.


  • Seminar-style input on the theory of movement, energy efficiency, improving strength, power, energy and coordination
  • Practical sessions on mobility, building muscular endurance and balance for your sport, strength and agility training
  • Breathwork including how to simulate high altitude training without leaving the house
  • How yoga-based stretches can benefit any athlete from occasional walker to distance runner
  • Optional trail run putting theory into practice
  • Time for expert Q&A

Nothing currently planned but please do get in touch to register your interest

*Other sports also welcome – tennis, cycling, cricket and more

There is plenty of new content in this session if you have been to one of our workshops before

How the workshop looks

8.30 – Welcome and Intros
8.40 – How We Move When We Run – learn about gait, how to work with momentum, how to increase running efficiency
The winning formula to improve performance and reduce injury risk
9.20 – Breathe Light to Breathe Right and other breathwork exercises and discussion + discover your BOLT score
9.50 – Coffee
10.15 – How To Run Better – the typical runners’ week, what makes great running form, conditioning and recovery
11.00 – Practical session – Warm Ups and Cool Downs for Runners
12.00 – Trail Run or Yoga Class for Runners – your choice

To book: Head over to our booking app Instabook to book your space.

Feedback from the last workshop

Runners Workshop Feedback

As a runner do you relate to these questions?

  • Do you love to run but find yourself hampered by injury?
  • Are you struggling to breakthrough with distance or speed?
  • Is recovery getting more of an issue the older you get?
  • Are you worried that your focus on running could be storing up problems for you in the future?
  • Do you feel that aspects such as poor muscular endurance or balance let you down?
  • How can you best prepare the body to avoid injury?
  • Wanting to improve running speed and efficiency without increasing distances or time spent training?
  • Needing advice on how to deal with those creaking hips, sore knees, tight ankles and other runners issues?
  • Do you ‘gas out’ or have other issues with breath control?

We’ll be exploring these questions and more throughout the session

Open to new runners and veterans alike.

Attendees will benefit from a better understanding of how we run which in turn will give them a greater understanding of why strength and conditioning is so important.

Changes to their training will benefit not just their running but everyday movement and everyday life.

Runners warm ups cool downs

Extras: Attendee resources

Attendees will also receive a £5 discount off a future yoga class with Marie and £10 off a future personal training session with Shaun.

You will also receive a number of specially created handouts, three bespoke video lessons demonstrating warm-ups and cool downs for runners as well as a runner-specific yoga lesson.



Who is running the workshop?

The workshop is being run jointly by Henfield-based Shaun Bigg and Marie Page.

Shaun is a Personal Trainer, UESCA Running Coach, England Athletics Running Leader, endurance runner and outdoor enthusiast. Shaun worked a traditional office job for 20 years before turning his passion for running, fitness and the outdoors into a full time business. As a long distance runner (strictly middle of the pack), he has, unfortunately, learnt the hard way what happens when you don’t pay attention to all components of fitness and is passionate about helping others not make the same mistakes. His style of training with clients focuses on consistency of effort and variation of activity to ensure progression, keep motivation high and most importantly, have fun whilst doing it.

Marie is a yoga teacher who came to yoga having spent way too many hours hunched over a laptop. She is far from the thin, bendy yoga teacher stereotype. Over 10 years ago she was diagnosed with a chronic back condition and told she would have to live with permanent pain. Through yoga she has been able to transform her condition and now lives without pain thanks to a regular yoga practice. A ‘Yoga Magpie’ she teaches a variety of styles learnt from teachers all over the world and loves to adapt postures to accommodate injuries or address sporting challenges. She has worked for London Sport and also runs local Yoga For Runners workshops.