Yoga Wheel: Ideas for Postures

18th February 2020

Introducing the yoga wheel

I have an ever increasing collection of weird and wonderful yoga props.

The yoga wheel is one of my favourites as it enables you to really open the muscles of the chest – great when you’ve spent far too long sitting at a desk and quite tricky to do without help. Simply place the wheel between the shoulder blades and roll back on it with the arms outstretched to either side. I would not roll below the ribs myself as I’d not want to aggravate any of my lower back problems.

Yoga wheels are about £14 on Amazon and I’ve put together a set of postures using the wheel form my lesson planning app which I’m sharing here in case anyone else is interested.

You are also very welcome to give the wheel a go when you are here at any point.

Here’s a selection of postures you can do with a yoga wheel.